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Everyone calls us the 1300 number guyz, so we adopted it.

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    We have have direct access to the telco network, so your service will always work.

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    We have a range of plans to ensure you save as much money as possible.


Secure Your 1300 or 1800 number now for $15/month.. it's as simple as 1-2-3

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  • 1300 Numbers for Australian Business These days, most Australian businesses have a 1300 number advertised on there website. Mobiles are definately a big no-no, and calling a landline from outside your local area can deter some customers so we recommend a 1300 service. They are pretty cheap really, only $15 per month plus calls. Take your business to the next level today and get your new service connected by Simple Telecom.

  • Want to encourage your customers to call? Listing a 1800 number removes the price barrier some people associate with calling a business. It looks more professional and provides a whole range of features that you can take advantage of to make answering calls from the clients and simple and easy as possible.

  • Let us take answer the phone for you. I konw your extremely busy growing your business, so maybe you should consider letting us answer your 1300 number for you. We are very professional and we will grab the name, number and what the person is calling for. We will send you this information in real-time so you can (or choose not to) follow up the person at your leisure.

  • How important are your calls? Want to listen to them again later? Simple Telecom has developed a very cool addon for your 1300 or 1800 number which allows you to record every conversation that passes through your inbound service. This means you can refer back to the conversation later, or just critque yourself on the level of service your providing to the customer. This is an excellent feedback and historical tool.

  • It's 2020 and your still getting faxes? We have created a digital version of your trust old fax machine, so now you can throw it out and cancel the telephone line it was hogging and just use our service. Receive as many faxes as required but be modern at the same time. The environment will thank you to for not wasting so much paper printing all the rubbish marketing faxes you used to receive.

  • Route your callers directly to the Franchise Check out the brand new Postcode Prompter system which allows you to route all your 1300 number or 1800 number callers straight through to the correct franchise based on the postcode the caller enters. This system is awesome, it can handle hundreds of calls per second, and provides a live interface where you can manage the postcode routing yourself! Talk about advanced, check it out.

  • Going offshore with your 1300 Number? Not a problem, in fact its probably a lot cheaper than you realise. We can put through your 1300 and 1800 calls to pretty much every country that has a semi decent telephone network, so there is no hurdle in taking your calls internationally.

  • Spending tones of $$ on your 1300 number? We like you. We will actually almost go bankrupt to provide you services, so you should probably start saving your company heaps of money and check out our special high volume pricing options. They are pretty cheap, you won't be disappointed.

Simple 1300 Number Benefits

  • Save Money That's right, we are very affordable and we aren't hiding it. Why pay more than you need to for your 1300 number?
  • Save Time Use our online ordering system to setup your number and then make changes via our real time Simple Console. Why wait any longer, get your number up and running now!
  • Get the Best Advice. Not sure what you need? Not sure which plan is best for you? Call us on 1300 858 751 and we will work with you to pick the best plan.
  • Become a valued customer. Many large Telco's have so many departments and so much red tape, it can take hours just to get through to the right person to help with your problem. At Simple Telecom, we have a highly skilled team so we guarantee that the first person you talk to you will help you every single time..

simple 1300 numbers

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Why chooseSimple Telecom?

We have helped 1000's of businesses obtain and connect their 1300 numbers over the past 7 years. We have developed some cutting edge technology to compliment the service and are in an excellent position to assist your business.
When it comes down to it, pricing really does matter. Why pay more for the exactly the same service? We can offer you the best quality 1300 numbers and a huge discount because we have secured excellent pricing from the network and because we have a large volume of services. Large volume leads to cheaper costs, which leads to savings for you.
We have built our own billing and provisioning system which allows us to do everything very quick. We create the systems that other telecommuncations suppliers use, so your dealing with the market innovaters and the quicker we can provide you a service, the quicker we get paid so its in our own interest to deliver the service as quick as possible.
That's right, you can talk directly with the owner of Simple Telecom whenever you need. Our systems are so advanced that the owner of Simple Telecom is generally able to focus on clients full time. This means your a valuable client and we will do our best to keep you happy!