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what isCall Recording

Need some flexibility with your 1300 or 1800 number? The Call Recording addon is our best selling addon, because it has so many uses. It can almost make your breakfast. The best part is you can manage everything todo with your service in realtime!

Call Recording Features

If you want to know that a 1300 call is ringing, this addon will ensure the 1300 number always rings from a specific caller ID that we issue to you. You can still access the customer's callerID via an email notification at the start of the call.
1300 Number Call Recording is growing in popularity lately as the accountability it provides is perfect for anyone dealing with sensative issues. The call is recorded as an MP3 and can be access by logging in to the simple console.
If you don't answer the phone, or don't want to answer the phone - you can divert the callers through to the Voice To Email service. It will play your pre-recorded greeting, then record the message left by the caller and email it through to you as an MP3.
You can setup multiple phone number answer points and have the Call Recording addon act like a Line Hunt so it will cascade through the numbers until someone answers. Perfect for a support line, or for a business who has a few staff on the road.
Configure your calls to go to different places based on the time of the day. This means you can automatically shut your 1300 down at 5pm and put all the callers through to a Voice to Email, or to the Live Call Answering addon.
Need to change something in a hurry? No Problem, just login to the simple console and update the routing yourself, at any time, for FREE!

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