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what isFax To Email

Still have a requirement for faxing in your business Unfortunately, faxing is still a very key communication technology for many businesses, so we have a 1300 addon which will allow you to recieve faxes on your 1300 number.

Fax To Email Features

Receive faxes at any time of the day or week and receive them in your email. Too Easy!
With the fax to email addon, your using our equipment - you don't need anything other than a working email address. We have hundred's of fax lines available to recieve faxes, so if all your clients fax you at once, none of them will get a busy signal!
Sick of getting those marketing faxes each week? Its a waste of paper and ink on a normal fax machine, but with Fax To Email you can just delete the email!
Did your email crash or did you accidentaly delete an important fax? All good, we keep a copy on our secure server for a while, so you can login and resend the email with the fax attachement whenever you need.

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