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what isIVR Keypress

Need to route callers straight to the correct person? IVR Keypress is your perfect solution. Its also know by other names such as IVR Menu, Auto Dialler and Auto Attendant. They all do the same thing: Provide an audio prompt to the caller, ask them to press a key and then route the call to that answer point. It's a really affordable routing solution and will take your business professionalism and perception to the next level.

IVR Keypress Features

You can setup 0 through to 9 as a different answer point, think of the possibilities! Each keypress can divert the call to a different phone number such as a fixed line, skype or mobile.
We will assist you with arranging professional voice talent to record all the sound files required such as your welcome greetings, the timeout and retry messages and any whisper or further annoucement audio's.
Physical IVR Keypress solutions require you to have all sorts of hardware to operate. This is like a cloud solution, except its running on our private enterprise telecommunications network.
Need more data? We have lots of data on the IVR Keypress addon, you can view it all in real time through the simple console.
Need to change something in a hurry? No Problem, just login to the simple console and update the routing yourself, at any time, for FREE!

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