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what isCall Answering

Need someone to answer your 1300 number? The Live Call Answering service is the perfect solution for your 1300 answering needs. We will connect all your unanswered calls through to our call center, who will take your calls for you.

Call Answering Features

The Live Call Answering addon is a 24/7 service so all calls that come through will be answered by one of our operators
Our call center is based in Australia, and is staffed with operators who speak english as their first language.
If you supply basic information on your business (eg. Website, Email, Opening hours) we can relay this to the caller if asked.
Let us take the stress out of covering your calls all day, you focus on your business and we will get the phone. You'll still probably need to follow it up, but we can filter the calls for you!
Any messages we take for you will be sent through to your email and SMS instantly. You can also login to the console later and view the message history.

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