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what isPostcode Prompter

Need to route callers straight to the correct franchise? If your marketing 1 number for your franchise brand, the postcode prompter is a must have solution for delivering all the calls through to the correct store everytime.. Its also know by other names such as Postcode Dialler and Postcode Manager. They all do the same thing: Provide an audio prompt to the caller, ask them to enter their postcode and then route the call based on the postcode to the relevant answer point.

The Postcode Prompter is the best franchise call routing solution, it's extremely really affordable and we have the best reporting so you can break down every aspect of the service, call volumes, postcodes and answering information to make the most of your marketing.

Postcode Prompter Features

Yes we know there aren't that many postcodes, but still we support all of them.
We will assist you with arranging professional voice talent to record all the sound files required such as your welcome greetings, the timeout and retry messages and any whisper or further annoucement audio's.
The amount of information we can tell you about every call is amazing, when collated across a month it can tell you stories that you can pass on to the franchisees which will help with rostering, stock management, etc. Pretty much everything will be better once you look at these reports.
Need to split a postcode between multiple stores? No problem, we include this for free.
Want your franchisees to know when they are receiving a call from the 1300 number? Its called Call Whisper, which is basically an announcement that the end answering point only hears before the caller is connected through to them.
Need to change something in a hurry? No Problem, just login to the simple console and update the routing yourself, at any time, for FREE!

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