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what are1300 number addons

Want to extend the functionality of your 1300 service? We have a handful of really cool addon's that provide you excellent features you won't be able to live without. All of our addon's are delivered in-house, meaning we physically own and run the equipment, and therefore we provide a realtime management console so you can manage and configure at any time and view reporting and call data in real time.

How do addons work?

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1300 and 1800 nubmer addons are all delivered in the form of a phone number. This phone number becomes the answer point for the 1300 or 1800 number so all calls get routed through the addon.

Realtime configurations

Want to divert the 1300 number to an employee while you goto a meeting? Just login and change the configuration of the Line Hunt whenever you like.

Advanced routing features

IVR keypress routing, postcode routing, overflow routing - all these features are adjustable from within the Simple Console with the correct addon.

Call Recording, Call overflows, Time of day routing, Day of week routing, any kind of routing you could ever possibly want is possible with the Simple Telecom 1300 number addon's. What configuration do you need? Talk to one of our special inbound tech's today and discuss exactly what you need. We may even be able to suggest a better option based on our experience or suggest an alternative solution if its cheaper or has different features.


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  • Phone System. If you have a phone system, its likely you may have access to some of the features, but I'm sure there is something we can help with.
  • Home Phone. Operating a home based business? No Problem, we can connect yoru 1300 nubmer with the perfect addon to suit your home environment.
  • Mobile phone. We have two specific addon's perfect for the mobile operator, Call Recording (With the static caller ID) and the Live Answering Service so you don't miss any calls!