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Simple Telecom1300 International

Critical Information Summary

1300 and 1800 Number International

Going offshore with your 1300 Number? Not a problem, in fact its probably a lot cheaper than you realise. We can put through your 1300 and 1800 calls to pretty much every country that has a semi decent telephone network, so there is no hurdle in taking your calls internationally.

We support pretty much every country who has a phone line in the world.

All International destinations have a flagfall of 15 cents per call.

The following pricing is available on the ENTRY plan and up.

United Kingdom (UK) 13 c
United States Of America (USA) 13 c
New Zealand 11 c
India 53 c
China 11 c
Canada 13 c
Phillipines 50 c
Singapore 13 c
Japan 13 c