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Simple1300 Numbers

simple 1300 numbers


  • Quick Support

    Need help right now? No problem. Our support staff are always on hand during business hours, but even better than that - you can actually control everything yourself through the the simple console. It provides you configuration options, call history data and some pretty cool reports using that data. Simple Console

  • 100% Uptime

    We don't run our own network. We let the pro's provide the service, all our 1300 numbers are on the Optus backbone, which had direct connections into every single telecomunications carrier in the world. There is no possible way your calls will ever be down.

  • Great Prices

    Is price your main focus? Excellent! It is our main focus too. We love saving our customers money, we love bring new technology that is usually unaffordable by the average business owner, to a cost effective price point so that everyone can take advantage of it. If your a large user, we have some pretty sharp pricing for you too. Price plans

  • Product Development

    Want some extra features? We have been the market leaders in innovating the 1300 number market. We were first to bring online signup, and since the we have developed all the addon technologies such as Line Hunt, Call Recording, IVR Keypress, Postcode Prompter, Call Answering and Time Based Routing all from the convinent simple console.